What is it #4

Since this is the entire item I guess a better question would be, “What is this used for?”


Guesses in the comment section.

Tina, I think you will have trouble with this one.

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8 Responses to What is it #4

  1. Jake S. says:

    I was going to proffer a humorous suggestion, something like finger cuffs, but these look more like brackets… for example, the type used with electrical conduit. No idea what the chain would be for, except to suspend an additional length of conduit for some reason.

  2. Jake S. says:

    Nevermind… wrong industry entirely. But I only know that now because I cheated after my initial guess. 😀

    • Jake,

      I don’t see that as cheating. The information is out there. However, one needs to have at some idea of where to start the search. You obviously had “something” in your mind that started you in the right direction. Without that “something”, you get nowhere fast.

  3. Dan Frain says:

    hanger clips for cheap shop lights

  4. Roger Thode says:

    Kickers for cows. You put them on the back legs of the cow so they can’t kick you when milking. Been there done that.

  5. sweettina2 says:

    The guts of the toilet has a little chain and hook like that.

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