What is it #5

A few comments have said these are too easy. Well, have a go at this one. This just happens to be mine and the age is not known.

Guesses in the comment section.

What is it #1 is still unsolved.

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6 Responses to What is it #5

  1. Cowboy Dan says:

    It looks like a fitting for an assembly of tubes or pipes. It doesn’t appear to be precisely machined, so I’m guessing it isn’t aircraft or nautical in nature. It may also be a mount for something that needs to be able to move in multiple directions, perhaps a gyroscope.

  2. Sweettina2 says:

    Camera or microphone related?

  3. Not so easy on the surface.

    Hint: Tina…..think of a “lab” many years ago.

    Cowboy….Not a gyroscope, but reacts as a gyroscope.

    Although totally unmodified, I have adapted (not modified) this for use in my ammunition reloading sequence.

  4. sweettina2 says:

    Does it hold test tubes?

  5. It’s for a centrifuge.

  6. Correct……the rotor for a hand cranked centrifuge.

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