What is it? #12

Guesses in the comment section please

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12 Responses to What is it? #12

  1. Roger says:

    A piece of linkage off a carburetor?

  2. Cowboy Dan says:

    Apple corer?

  3. sweettina2 says:

    A James Bond shooting umbrella?

  4. Is it used to strike something to make a sound?

  5. WordPress will not let me continue to answer with NO every time, so my previous responses have been deleted.
    So now I can say NO to all the above guesses. Guess this is the way I’ll have to do the difficult ones.

    No to all the above.

  6. Roger says:

    How long is it?

  7. Is it used to open something like a valve?

  8. Roger says:

    A handle to pick something like a Dutch Oven out of the fire?

  9. Jeff Knox says:

    We used to use a similar hook to reach under a horse or bull to snag the cinch or rope when setting rigging in the chutes at a rodeo. I have also seen such implements used as a running-iron, to apply brands “free-hand.”

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