What is it #70…..no fun here…..deadly serious

I have held off publishing this until today, Aug 11, 2012 as today’s date is very relevant.

This one is not for fun. This item, so far as I can tell, has led to what is most likely the largest government scandal since Watergate.
While determining what it actually is will be rather easy, how does it tie in with current events?

Guesses (SERIOUS THIS TIME) in the comments section please.


Lastly, comments will end up in a “pending” file for a week from today. Then all will be revealed, with credit given where due.

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4 Responses to What is it #70…..no fun here…..deadly serious

  1. shauul says:

    Bean Bag round, the same as what Brian Terry was armed with the night he died.

  2. Jeff Hickman says:

    Today would have been Brian Terry’s 42nd birthday. The Bean Bag round is what he had used to defend himself, against the “live” ammo his murderers were using. RIP Terry.

  3. Timmeehh says:

    It’s a bean bag round.

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