Hi Folks,

There are quite a number of “What is it” sites on the web at the moment so this idea is nothing new. In fact, one site owner collects “strange” items and posts them up on his site for people to guess just what the item is. Some items he admits he doesn’t know what they are.

This site’s approach will be slightly different. I run across all sorts of pictures in my research for my writings. In doing so, I’ve book marked them for possible later use here. Also, photography is a hobby and I’m always experimenting with the camera.

The idea is to post up pictures of almost everyday items taken from a different perspective/angle.

This picture is somewhat easy. Can you guess what it is? Pretty simple, but one needs to actually think about it to attempt an answer. Guesses can be submitted via the comments section of each entry. The FIRST correct answer wins.

There are no prizes of any kind. The winner only gets bragging rights which I hope he/she will forward to their friends and family.

Hopefully, this site will stimulate the thinking process.

Lastly, anyone can submit a photo. The way to do this is to send me a link to your photo on any of the numerous photo hosting sites, at:


I will be happy to post up the photo in your name/screen name as long as the photo is tasteful. The one rule here, you don’t get any guesses.

Some photos will be difficult and some will be relatively easy. This relativity will depend on the individual’s perception of everyday items, along with his ability attempt to deduce what a difficult item actually is and/or what it is used for. Relatively easy if you are somewhat familiar with a particular appliance. If not, then it becomes difficult. However all guesses are welcome via the comments section.

Enjoy wondering what it is you see.


2 Responses to About

  1. Christopher says:

    Electric Shaver cutting head?

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