Picture tips

Many of us operate under the ‘illusion’ that one needs to take a picture with the camera set at a lower resolution to be able to post said picture on the internet. In a way this is true as many sites will only accept pictures of a certain size. While this gets past size restrictions for posting on the internet, most likely that picture, if you want to print it will not turn out very well.

The key is to take the picture in the highest resolution setting of the camera. That way, you will have a picture that will print nicely, but can also be manipulated to post on the internet. This way, you retain the best of both worlds.

Manipulation is rather simple really. In the following examples, I’ll attempt to explain.

First of all, pull up your high resolution picture into the simple “paint” program that came with your computer. Chances are your high res picture will be way to big too big to fit on the screen. Now we start the manipulation. Zoom out until the picture is the size you want. This is about as far as you can go in the “paint”  program.

You will need to download a small program from:


This program is free and works very well. Just make sure you know where the program saves your ‘screenshot’. That can be found under the “To” tab on the popup menu.

An example of how this works.

The following picture is 6.5mb in size ON MY COMPUTER, has been opened in “paint” and zoomed out to fit even a reduced screen size for this demonstration.

The logo on the grip  is what we are going to zoom in on. It hard to see in this view, but in the next picture, it can clearly be seen.


Notice that, even starting out with a file that is WAY too big for the internet, we have been able to produce a picture in a small enough size for the internet while retaining a picture that will print perfectly. As said earlier, the camera needs to be set at the highest resolution possible. With that resolution, all options are open.


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